Who we are

We are an international group of like-minded people that are fully committed to increase our harmony with the natural world. We set out to improve nature-connectedness via our nature oriented retreats and training sessions set in this beautiful arboretum in Northern-Italy. However we charge for our high quality events, we remain a non profit organisation. All money we earn is being invested in making our mission more likely to be accomplished. Our project Salvaj is an initiative of the Anatta Foundation, registered in the Netherlands.

Our name explained
The word Salvaj comes from the local Piedmontese language, where it means ‘savage’. However, in the traditional Italian language it refers to ‘salvage’. In these two meanings we find our mission, a salvation of the savages. But who can we consider to be the savages? Those connected to nature or those living disconnected from the natural world?


Residential staff


Thomas Albers

Founder & Psychologist

Thomas is our ‘nature psychologist”. After having finished his training as a psychologist, he has been travelling around in his old camper van to discover the real life. “Life can only be discovered in the real world”, he explains. For the last few years, he has been in many calm and quiet nature rich settings, before stumbling upon the beautiful venue of our course. He has passion for all that is alive and he will be one of the trainers and our host for most of our courses.

“I have been teaching courses on meditation and reconnection with nature and ourselves. During my trainings i will be focussing on both of these aspects and i will guide you in acquiring an attitude towards yourself and life that will be full of compassion and confidence in yourself, the world and the future. Taking good care of yourself, or “learn to be your own best friend”. I believe that nature can be our best guide in rediscovering who we are and why we are here on this wonderful planet.”

You can contact me at:   thomas @salvaj. org

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Laura Loritz

President & Health Activist

I grew up in this region and have always loved the sense of home and well-being I found here. I travelled for a few years learning different skills and generally being curious about the world before settling for a degree in Osteopathy. This was about the same time when I realized how effective yoga could be as a lifestyle rather than an occasional activity and so wanted to develop this and started teaching. I’m incredibly grateful that I can now combine my passion for anatomy, well-being and nature in my home town.

Team of Trainers

Dienke Rozendom

Dienke Rozendom

Psychologist & Trainer

I am a psychologist and in my work I value an attitude of being open towards one’s unique ‘nature’. Together with the client I search for their strengths and talents. I really look forward to the beautiful surrounding in which we can get to know each other and ourselves better.

Last year I travelled through the beautiful nature of France for half a year. Before, I wasn’t really paying attention to the immense beauty and purity nature has to offer. This journey brought me closer to my nature through opening my senses and by experiencing the natural flow of all living beings. I think a break from the (overwhelming) city and social media can offer the perfect conditions to look deeper into your own nature and make decisions based on your values.

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Sebastian Weesjes

Sebastian Weesjes


The most powerful learning is not done from (text)books. The most meaningful things you can learn, you learn from you surrondings. This starts with asking (yourself) and each other questions. As a trainer and facilitator I also imply this strategy within groups and communities. My training experience so far mostly focuses on young adults, through my work at UWCxperience in the Netherlands and (summer) leadership courses in Israel, Latvia and Wales. Letting people share and ensuring (personal) leadership in the broadest sense of the word is what interests and drives me

Bas Snippert

Bas Snippert

Coach & Trainer

I work with people as a trainer and coach to help them forward in life. I like to work with different techniques that cultivate resilience and well-being. The core of my method is to work with the self-organizing capacities of our body and mind.

My passion for nature comes from a growing appreciation for the elegance and complexity that you find there. There is a beautiful fractal similarity on every biological level. Whether you look into the human cells, our whole body or even an entire ecosystem. You can constantly observe repeating patterns and principles. I enjoy investigating these things and applying them in my work and life. Besides all of this, I just find that being in nature is a powerful source of happiness and well-being for me.

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Anne Verhoijsen_Yoga

Anne Verhoijsen

Yoga Teacher

Anne Verhoijsen has started to practice yoga from the beginning of her thirties and has been practicing in the tradition of Iyengar ever since. Based in Amsterdam as a yoga teacher, she enjoys passing on her passion to her students. Besides her yoga practice, she works as a visual artist

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