1st – 9th of July ERASMUS+ Intercultural Youth Exchange

1st – 9th of July ERASMUS+ Intercultural Youth Exchange

1st – 9th of July ERASMUS+ Intercultural Youth Exchange

6E6A6165 ‘Natural creativity’ is an intercultural youth exchange for 24 young people who stutter (YPWS) in the age of 22 until 30. The project aims at making a contribution to the personal development of YPWS and to improve their psychological, emotional and social well-being through improved levels of nature connectedness and intercultural learning.

The seven day youth exchange will take place from the 1st until the 9th of July and will gather YPWS coming from 6 countries -Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Portugal.

This project is partly funded by Erasmus+, an EU-programme for intercultural learning and by the national stutter associations of the countries involved.6E6A6177

We will use different methods of non-formal education to strengthen, develop capacities crucial for personal and professional development and to establish stronger connectedness with nature as the main source of empowerment. Participants will learn together and from each other about their speech disability and collectively find new ways of dealing with it.

The participants will be actively engaged in the youth exchange to make sure the exchange is fully build upon the needs and capacities of the participants. Through the use of non-formal methodolog6E6A6188ies such as meditation, outdoor activities, brainstorms, groups work and creative sessions, participants will be learning new competences about their speech disability and about their relationship with the natural world.

There is a specific attention for follow-up to the programme. For the participants there will be a buddy programme that will allow the peer learning process to continue after the exchange. The exchange will give the particpants a boost in their personal development, such as development of their skills, knowledge and attitudes related to their stutter. We envisage that the participants of the project will be the future actors and ambassadors of bringing acceptance to stuttering and become examples of active citizens living life according to their values. On an ecological level we expect the improvement of nature-connection to have an impact on their environmentally sustainable behaviour.

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